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Re: Jose-Luis Orozco’s visit to our community

Thanks to our amazing library staff & FOL . . . we accomplished beyond measure the goal of appreciating, and thus elevating, the rich, deep Latino culture that contributes so much beauty, strength and wisdom to our world, the United States and most especially Telluride!  This would not have been possible without the generous grant from the Friends of the Library – You truly create community through the library and we are enormously grateful for your contributions!

Paula Ciberay, Youth Services Program & Outreach Manager  |  March 2015

Thank you so much for letting me collect books for our veterans book drive. The selection of newer titles available from your sale was a fantastic addition to their library network. Your generous donation really made our event a success.

Vadra Doser, Telluride Elks Lodge #692  |  Jan 2015

Thank you so much for the sunshade for the 2nd floor patio. It really brings the space together & creates a welcoming environment for our patrons. We appreciate your support and funding of materials that enhance our community’s library!

Sarah Landeryou & library staff  |  August 2014  

Yay! The Placerville drop box is great! We will use it a lot!

Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer  |  April 14

Thank you to the FOL for funding the down valley book drop and courier service for the next three years. Many people will enjoy and benefit from the Friend’s generosity.

Brenda Carns, Interim Library Director  |  April 2014

It has been my great pleasure to work with you for the last four years as the WPL Liaison to the FOL Board.  I have a great deal of respect for the hard work you have done to support the library. Thank you for your commitment to WPL and most importantly for the many tangible and intangible ways you support the WPL staff. It was a privilege to serve the library and the community with you.

Scott Doser  |  November 2013

On behalf of the more than 250 children who now have books in their homes because of your generous collection and donation efforts, we just want to say Thank You! Having stories to read throughout the day is invaluable to a child’s development. Thank you for supporting our mission.

Reach Out & Read Colorado  |  November 2013

Dear Friends! Thank you so much for purchasing the sustainable dishes & utensils for the Yourh Area. You are not only friends of the library – children & parents – but of our environment! Kid’s Cook is one of our most popular programs. It is a collaboration with the medical center PEP Grant to encourage healthy life styles. Now, because of your generosity, we will also be role modeling caring for our amazing natural world.

The Youth Services Team  |  February 2013

THE BEST FRIENDS A LIBRARY COULD ASK FOR  This week communities everywhere celebrate National Friends of the Library Week. At Wilkinson Public Library, we celebrate our friends every week. Led by powerhouse Nancy Landau, WPL Friends provide incredible support for innovative projects that don’t fit into our regular budget. Their tireless fundraising and advocacy not only give us the extra edge to remain a 5-star library, but remind us every day that our community supports us in our effort to provide the best lifelong opportunities possible. Thank you, Nancy and thank you to everyone who supports the Friends of the Wilkinson Public Library!

Barb Brattin, WPL Director  |  October 2012

Thanks for BIONEERS – leading-edge & inspiring, per usual.

Ingrid Lundahl  |  October 2012

On behalf of the Cheyenne VAMC patients and staff, we would like to extend our appreciation to you for your donation of books. Your thoughtfulness reflects the concern you feel for our veterans and for the service they provided to all of us while in service to our country. Without your support, we could not provide for these very special niceties that make hospitalization more bearable. Your thoughtfulness also reflects the concern and compassion your community feels for our veterans.

Linda G Brown, Chief Voluntary Service – Dept of Veterans Affairs – Medical Center, Cheyenne, WY  |  August 2012

I want to thank you for your generous gift to our department and the library. [The book covering machine] will be a huge time saver for me. It is fast, efficient and protects the barcode, spine label and RFID tag. Thank you FOL. You’re the best!

Kathy McComb, WPL Tech Services  |  June 2012

Nancy and crew … You are all so amazing, thank you again for making the book sale happen. A very special thanks, also to all of our FOL members. The contributions you have made to our library enhance the quality of the services we provide to the community and are visible every day. You have not only made our lives easier, but you have significantly upgraded the quality of our library. FOL members Rock!

Scott Doser, WPL Programs  |  March 2012

Thank you so much for your support. FOL is a true blessing for us in programs and for the library.

Ryan Wilson, WPL Media  |  February 2012

It is a pleasure to send my 2011 year-end contribution in support of what has to be one of the best local libraries in the country. Outgoing, splendid community programs – concerts, lectures, cookies, films, children’s activities, wonderful staff, cooking in the courtyard – it goes on and on! I hope 2012 brings many good surprises and smiles.

John F., Emeryville, CA  |  December 2011

Many Friends of the Library helped make our Dec 4 fundraising dinner an event to remember. Thanks – again & always – to Scott Doser, and a grateful tip of the toque to Chef Bud for his great rendition of “The Best of Books & Cooks” recipes. Our volunteers were awesome (Lisa Knight first among many), Andy & Ben’s cocktails were stout, The Jewel Tones set the stage for a fun evening, and we finished on a sweet note with Lene’s delicious Ebelskiver. Special thanks goes to Susanna Hoffman for her presentation on the history of cookbooks and for donating four of her own, and to Kevin Doyle of Woody Creek Cellars and Yvon Gros of Leroux Creek Vineyards for providing great wine.

A number of our Business Partners (who give a discount on goods & services to FOL members) provided a variety of unique door prizes: Baked in Telluride, Customs House, Needlerock Fiberarts, Sawpit Mercantile, Sunshine Pharmacy, The New Community Coalition, Telluride Helpdesk, Telluride Historical Museum, and Telluride Sports.

And our great 5-star library provided space for us to showcase what you can do when you work and play with “Friends”. I appreciate you all!

Nancy Landau, FOL president  |  December 2011

Your “Dinner with Friends” was one to remember. We had a ball!

Susan Viebrock  |  December 2011

I can never express the depth of appreciation for your support of the Young People’s Literature Celebration, 2011. Brian Selznick’s keynote was attended by a full house at the Sheridan, a dozen folks at the simulcast at our library & simulcasts to four other libraries. The Art Show at the AhHaa will hang until Oct 24th featuring Remy Charlip & Brian Selznick’s original works. You have afforded the community an opportunity that few in such a rural region will ever exerience. Your generosity reveals the depth of your souls.

Paula Ciberay, Youth Services Interim Manager

Thank you for everything you do for us! We are so blessed to be able to enjoy the Magical Library in our little valley. We love it on every level and reap many benefits from it’s existence & all your hard work.

Kanow & Measer families  |  February 2011

Thank you Friends for the two Kindles. Since being in circulation, our first Kindle hasn’t really spent a day in the library – it’s always been on loan, so we know this will be greatly appreciated by our patrons. – Sarah Landeryou,  10/25/10

The books you brought over to WIC for our children are wonderful! All are eagerly chosen and carried home by both young and older ones. Thank you so very much. The variety of infant to story books, holiday to science based books makes choosing fun for them.

Sally Swartz  |  July 2010