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Volunteer Policy

The Board of Trustees of the San Miguel County Public Library District #1 adopts and makes public the following written policies:

It is the policy of the San Miguel County Public Library District #1 to solicit volunteers from our community to support targeted library projects or events. Due to limited staff time for training and supervision, the library does not accept unsolicited volunteers.

Volunteers will be unpaid, part time contributors. They are an extension of the Library and not a substitute for staff. The Library District’s staff will not be used as volunteers except as authorized by the Library Director.

Teens wishing to work temporarily as a volunteer in order to reduce library fines may arrange for service with the Teen Service Librarian.

Recognizing the value of volunteers, the Library District will attempt to offer each volunteer a positive and consistent experience by:

  • Offering a general orientation to the Library District as well as task specific training so that volunteers understand their role and are confident in their work;
  • Giving periodic, constructive feedback on the performance of assigned tasks;
  • Receiving periodic feedback from volunteers on their experience and work environment;
  • Recognizing volunteer support.

Library staff may perform a background check on volunteers.

Date Approved: 06/10/2008
Approved by: Wilkinson Public Library Board of Trustees
Date Amended/Modified: 02/08/2010; 10/24/2012