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Patron Service Policy

The San Miguel County Public Library District #1 is dedicated to fostering equitable access to information and services for all individuals, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to pursue knowledge freely. In fulfilling the Library outcomes, the library strives to deliver outstanding patron service and continually seeks to remove unnecessary barriers to that service.

Our commitment to public service is emphasized by the following principles:

Respect and Non-Discrimination

  1. Library will aim to treat every patron with equal respect and every request with equitable importance.
  2. Library policies and procedures exist to make library resources available on an equitable basis. If anyone has a question about why the library has a policy or if the purpose of a policy is not understood, a copy of the policy and/or an explanation will be provided, or else referred to a supervisor or the director of the library.
  3. Policies will be applied consistently to all patrons regardless of age and identities.

Ethics and Professionalism

  1. Confidentiality of library use and records is the law. Library staff will further respect the confidentiality of patron library use by providing self-service options for checkout, meeting rooms, and internet use.
  2. All requests for information will be considered confidential and such requests will never be discussed with a third party, except with another staff person for the purpose of answering a question. Discussion of patron issues will be handled discreetly, preferably in non-public areas.
  3. Library staff will not provide information to law enforcement regarding patron location and actions unless the disclosure is necessary for the reasonable operations of the Library or is required by law.
  4. Staff will put aside personal biases in working with patrons and coworkers.

Excellent Service and Positive Attitude

  1. Every staff member is a representative of Wilkinson Public Library and will engage with patrons in a friendly, helpful, and positive manner. This applies even in difficult situations when a staff member must enforce rules or deliver unwelcome news.
  2. All staff will be knowledgeable about the library collection, services, programs, and policies and will strive at all times to connect patrons with the resources they need. When necessary, staff will provide referrals and follow-up in a timely fashion.
  3. Staff will work together and support each other in providing excellent patron service.
  4. Staff will listen in order to understand, strive for accuracy, and aim to provide the best solution to every patron query.
  5. Each patron should leave the library feeling that every attempt has been made to fully assist them.
  6. Feedback is welcome. You can provide it in person, send an email to, or by calling the Public Services Manager at 970-728-4519 ext. 114.

Date Approved: 3/10/2009
Approved by: Wilkinson Public Library Board of Trustees
Date Amended/Modified: 1/9/2012; 3/20/2024