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The Library will be closed Thursday, 07/04.

Library Outcomes 2023

Wilkinson Public Library
Board of Trustees
2023 Outcomes for the Library

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Commit to serving the multiplicity of users and stakeholders in the community; Identify and eliminate
barriers that prevent the meaningful participation of underserved individuals and groups; Cultivate a
sense of safety and belonging for the communities we serve


Provide and utilize library resources in a way that ensures maximum access to information in a
multitude of formats for diverse users


Maintain the most robust collection possible meeting the interests of the community


Facilitate a broad range of programming for the edification of the public

Digital Literacy

Provide opportunities for individuals to gain access and evaluate the integrity of a variety of digital
tools and resources

Youth Services

Engage youth and their families in activities that contribute to their intellectual and emotional growth
in a safe and supportive environment


Provide and utilize library space to create a community commons that ensures maximum access to
library facilities for diverse users where everyone feels welcome

Community Engagement

Strengthen the community through the active facilitation and/or participation by the library in efforts
to gather input, engage in meaningful discussions, and act in partnership to support community-wide
growth and transformation