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Gifts, Donations and Memorials Policy

The San Miguel County Public Library District #1 Board of Trustees adopts and makes public the following written policies.

Wilkinson Public Library (WPL) may accept gifts, including real and personal property, money, materials, memorials, and artwork. All donations and gifts become the exclusive property of the Library to be distributed, displayed, or disposed of at the Library’s discretion. The Library will determine the best use of a donation.

Gifts of Real and Personal Property
WPL may accept gifts of real or personal property to be used or disposed of to support library programs or in support of general operating expenses.

Gifts of Money
WPL accepts cash donations. The Library staff will make the most appropriate use of cash donations.

Donations of Materials

  • It is recommended that donors check with Library staff to determine if their material can be accepted. The Library cannot accept some materials such as textbooks, damaged material, annuals, DVDs, VHS/cassettes, encyclopedias, law books, course packets, and directories.
  • Library staff may donate items to the Friends of the Library. Library staff will determine if items are suitable for the collection. The Library may provide a standard donation form but cannot quote the value of materials donated. Any retained materials will be cataloged and placed in the Library according to standard Library cataloging procedure. Special sections will not be created for gift materials.
  • All material donations are subject to the same selection criteria as those acquisitions purchased for the Library.
  • The decision to include gift materials rests with the Library staff.

Gifts of Artwork

  • Donated artwork may be displayed at the Library’s discretion. Donations do not ensure the display or retention of artwork by the Library.
  • Additional signage may be displayed with artwork. The artwork itself may be signed or stamped by the artist.
  • Artwork must be display ready (i.e. framed, mounted).

Memorial bookplates may be displayed in Library material when requested. However, the material will be subject to Collection Development policies.

Naming Rights/Recognition
Acceptance and duration of naming opportunities in recognition of substantial funding to the Library are subject to the discretion of the Board on a case-by-case basis.

Date Approved: 10/26/2000
Approved by: Wilkinson Public Library Board of Trustees
Date Amended/Modified: 4/3/2007; 10/7/2008; 3/8/2012; 3/20/2024