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The Library will be closed Thursday, 07/04.

Wilkinson Public Library (San Miguel County Public Library District #1) Trustee Vacancy

Interested applicants may submit a letter of interest to the San Miguel County Board of Commissioners,

and to

Sarah Landeryou, Library Director,



WPL strives to create a welcoming environment of inclusion that celebrates and embraces individual identities
and diverse perspectives.  We are committed to identifying and challenging oppressive systems within our
organization, spaces, community and selves through continuous education, assessment and action.

TITLE:                                   Trustee

TERMS OF SERVICE:          This vacancy is for an unexpired term through December 31, 2024. Regular Board Terms are 5 years

ACCOUNTABLE TO:            The people of San Miguel County Public Library District #1

RESPONSIBILITIES:             Trustees of the Library Board are mandated by Colorado law to control:

          • Library District funds
          • Library District property
          • Library District expenditures
          • The selection, hiring and supervision of a Library Director

DUTIES:                                    Trustees of the Library Board are required to maintain open records and hold open meetings under the requirements of the Colorado Open Records Act.

          • Selects and hires a competent and qualified library director.
          • Determines, adopts and reviews written policies to govern the operation
            and program of the library, as necessary.
          • Attends all board meetings. Reads board meeting minutes and other materials sent out before the board meeting to ensure informed and active participation
          • Lends expertise to the board for the good of the library.
          • Serves on committees as assigned by board chair.
          • Assists with the development of a long-range plan for commitment of resources to meet the needs of the service population.
          • Assists with the preparation of a statement of purpose, service goals and objectives.
          • Adopts an annual budget adequate for the support of the library: works actively for public and official support of the budget.
          • Reviews monthly financial statements in the context of the annual budget.
          • Develops and maintains capital improvement plan.
          • Participates in continuing education workshops and library association activities that support the Library’s mission and goals.
          • Promotes and advocates for the library; is a proponent of equitable library services and the importance of literacy in our society.
          • Listens to the community – acts as the library’s eyes and ears.
          • Reviews and approves the investment of Library funds and manages debt.


          • Must reside within Library District boundaries.
          • Willingness to devote time and talents.
          • Ability to think critically, question objectively, and plan creatively.
          • Skill in communicating and cooperating.
          • Awareness and appreciation of the Library’s past, present and future role in society.
          • Willingness to become more knowledgeable about library services and standards of operation.
          • Ability to represent the Library Board in public forums as necessary, to act as an advocate for library services, and to reflect the concerns of the public at Library Board meetings.

CODE OF ETHICS:        A member of the Library Board will:

          • Declare any personal conflicts of interest and avoid voting on issues that appear to be conflicts of interest.
          • Not be critical, in or outside of the board meeting, of fellow board members
          • Not use position on Library Board for personal advantage or the personal advantage of friends or relatives.
          • Observe confidential proceedings of the board and not discuss outside the board meeting.
          • Support open discussion on any agenda item prior to a vote. Once vote is taken, support the decision of the majority.
          • Not interfere with the day-to-day work of library staff nor interfere with the duties of the Director or undermine the Director’s authority.
          • Recognize that the Library’s and community’s best interests must prevail over any individual interest.


          • Ability to work well with others.
          • Ability to relate to the public.
          • Ability to listen and communicate effectively.