Request for Qualifications - Design Services

Wilkinson Public Library, 100 W. Pacific Ave., Telluride, CO 81435

Wilkinson Public Library

The Wilkinson Public Library Board of Trustees requests qualifications for design services for the planning and design of interior improvements to the Wilkinson Public Library for the specific areas outlined in this request. Responses to this request for qualifications are due by June 9, 2022.

Project Goal

Stage 1

  • To find a solution for flexible shelving and display of the collection, including fiction, non-fiction, DVDs, music cds, magazines and unusual items.
  • To allow for multi-use that accommodates individual use and large group/program use.
  • To allow for natural light, sightlines, signage and easy browsing of the collection.

Stage 2

  • To create a comfortable, flexible space that allows patrons the opportunity to work quietly/read; videoconference; have phone conversations; and access library resources in an inviting space
  • To better accommodate patrons at varying times of the day for optimal use and efficiency of the existing library facility.
  • To integrate solutions to manage acoustics.


The Wilkinson Public Library was completed in 2000; about seven hundred patrons visit the library daily, varying by time of day; meeting rooms are frequently “booked” and patrons often seek places for quiet work as well as videoconferencing and/or phone calls. Patrons also seek space for collaborative work and staff seek space to host group activities.

Recent trends have shown a decrease in the demand and circulation of physical items, in particular DVDs thus reducing the need for shelf space while we look to increase the space for patrons. Our library is a member of the Marmot Consortium and we have a robust hold system for acquiring titles not owned. The Library is growing the collection of “unusual items”; musical instruments, games, sewing machines, etc. and we would like to find ways to promote and make these items more accessible.

The areas of the existing facility to be considered for improvements are listed below. However, we are open to other suggestions to improve the library space. We are open to completing the project in stages as well.

Stage 1

  • Second Floor – “stacks area” – Provide flexible (wheeled) shelving with addition of DVDs and magazines; incorporate solutions that enhance the display of the collection; and ability to to use some of the area as a programming space. It is important to create a quiet atmosphere while taking advantage of windows, natural light, allowing for better sight lines. Overall creating a modern public library environment.
  • DVDs: Incorporate DVDs into the 2nd floor shelving; and create a section for unusual materials in the first floor; Find shelving that provides access but takes up less space and incorporates DVDs into the 2nd floor collection.

Stage 2

  • 2nd Floor: Create nooks/cubbies for private study/work using existing windows and shelving arrangement
  • Teen Area Acoustics: Find solution to minimize noise
  • First Floor – Magazine Room: Develop a multi-purpose room that can be used by patrons seeking a place for quiet study and for Library staff hosting group activities and programs. Relocate the magazine collection to the 2nd floor while possibly reusing the current display shelves.

Proposals should include

1. Name of firm
2. Address, contact person, telephone, email, website
3. General statement of qualifications relevant to project background
4. Personnel / Professional consultants proposed
5. List of related projects – status, references
6. Explanation of expertise and features of similar projects designed by firm
7. Description of cost control methods and how cost estimates are determined
8. Fees including information on fee structure, project costs and anticipated
reimbursable costs

For additional information about library use, statistics and/or to request building documents, please contact Sarah Landeryou, Library Director (; 970-728-4519 ext. 111)

Voluntary walk throughs are by appointment. Please call Sarah Landeryou (970-‐728-4519 ext. 111).

Responses to this RFQ are due to Sarah Landeryou, Library Director by June 9, 2022. Please submit as a PDF.

The Board of Trustees reserves the right to reject any or all submissions, to waive informalities and irregularities in the submissions received, and accept any portion of any submission if deemed in the best interest of the Library. All materials submitted regarding this RFQ become
the property of the Library and will only be returned at the option of the Library Board of Trustees. Information submitted is subject to the Colorado Open Records Act.

The RFQs will be reviewed by the Wilkinson Library Board of Trustees and Library staff. We anticipate beginning work on projects by Fall of 2022.


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